When receiving your Cryo-VaccTM unit

  • Check if the Cryo-VaccTM Serial Nr is correct with the delivery email and temperatures as required on delivery document.
  • Check if the Cryo-VaccTM screen is functioning and no warning notes appear on the screen.
  • Push the blue button on the screen to ensure temperature displayed on screen is correct.

  • Open up the cold chamber and ensure that the chamber is cold. Do not touch the aluminium sides of the chamber. Close the chamber lid.

  • Ensure your easy carry vaccine trays are in the cold chamber. Remove if required.

  • Check for general damage – notify the Cryo-VaccTM team about delivery and request temperature reporting and address.
  • Once received and checked, please secure the Cryo-VaccTM unit with use of wheel brakes.
  • Don’t remove security tags on cryogenic chamber.

During use of Cryo-VaccTM

  • To access the cold chamber unlatch the locks on the case lid on the chamber side and open the lid.

  • Remove visible plug by pulling it out vertically using two hands. Place nearby while handling items in the cold chamber.

  • Food grade clear silicone paste is used in parts of the Cryo-VaccTM and can sometimes be felt when opening the chamber.

  • When opening the cold chamber and handling of vaccines it is advised to always wear gloves.

  • Minimize opening time of the cold chamber. Leaving the chamber open for extended periods will result in rapid warming of the chamber and its contents.

  • The use of force when operating or handling the Cryo-VaccTM may result in damage. If the lid or vaccines are stuck, move or rotate until items are free.

  • Vaccines to be placed in easy carry trays for easy handling.

  • Place the plug back with the painted section facing the thaw tray.

  • Close and latch the case lid before moving or leaving the unit again.

  • To check the temperature of the Cryo-VaccTM press the blue button on the display. For further information and temperature logging contact your Cryo-VaccTM rep or email