Cryo-VaccTM is revolutionary and is able to maintain a vast range of controlled temperatures, from -70oc degrees to 8oc.

Global Pandemic and other Biologics

Challenges the Renergen Cryo-VaccTM will solve:

Complex supply chain requirements – typically the delivery of biologics and vaccines requires a number of transitional logistical handovers from the site of manufacture, storage depots and various modes of transport prior to reaching the final destination.

Constant temperature monitoring – maintains temperature integrity throughout the entire journey even in remote regional locations.

Location tracking – GPS tracking for constant location monitoring.

Sturdy design for harsh conditions – designed for the rigorous transport and storage of all vaccines and biologics.

More and more clinical trials, will require the delivery of temperature-sensitive drugs in the future. The Cryo-VaccTM, can be used to transport not only the COVID-19 vaccine, but other vaccines and biologics as well.

  • Precise temperature

    If Covid-19 vaccines are stored at the incorrect temperature, and/or for a period longer than the manufacturers recommendations, they will be rendered ineffective or even dangerous.

  • Storage vulnerability

    South Africa’s under capacitated cold chain, leaves the country especially vulnerable to the incorrect storage of Covid-19 vaccines. It relies primarily on dry-ice, which only lasts a few days with little temperature control, certainty or verification capability.

    The situation is exasperated by the fact that power supply is subject to frequent disruption which are even more acute in rural areas.

Your Cyro-VaccTM unit will be regularly serviced and calibrated and its temperature ranges validated – which is not the case for dry ice cooler boxes and installed refrigeration units.

  • The Cryo-VaccTM unit requires no external power supply, which means it can be used in both urban and remote rural settings with relative ease and without being impacted by rolling blackouts or loadshedding.
  • The telemetry system enables instant tracking of the temperature of the vaccines as they move from distribution to storage, to the point of the vaccine being administered. You can view temperature trends which provides an additional management tool.

  • The telemetry system also provides transparency and assurance for the general public who are otherwise at the mercy of an opaque state-run system.

  • The Cryo-VaccTM unit has an array of uses beyond that of the Covid-19 vaccine. It can be used in Africa for the distribution and storage of a range of vaccines as well as other medical needs.
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Cryo-VaccTM will revolutionise the supply of medicines across the globe, especially in underdeveloped, remote, and poorly resourced areas.